MGO - Mécanique Générale Offemontoise

Norme ISO 9001 Norme Cofrend


In 1964, Mister André LEPAUL has created his own company. The main business at that time is ironwork. The company is enrolling 3 people.

Gradually the activity is turning toward metal machining and specializes in precision engineering.

In 1974, the company is becoming LEPAUL S.A. (Limited Liability Company) and counting 6 employees.

In 1984, Mister Jean LEPAUL is taking the company management and is orientating its activity significantly toward modern machining technics.

Therefore, the production tool is modernized: machining center, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machinery. Numerous investments are ensuring a growing turnover. The company workforce is rising to 15 people in 1991.
In 1992, the decision is taken to build a new factory located in an urban development zone (ZAC du BALLON in Offemont), newly created for this occasion :

  • 7 500 m2 of fully serviced grounds 
  • 194 m2 of offices 
  • 2 178 m2 of workshops 
  • 110 m2 of shared premises 

In July 1993, the company is taking position into its new premises and is changing its corporate name to become MGO (Mécanique Générale Offemontoise, Mechanical Engineering of Offemont). The workforce is 30 employees.

To date, the company is counting 45 employees.

In order to ensure its technical expertise in its field, the company has kept developing its know-how through quality. Thus, MGO has obtained “ISO 9001: 2008” certification and has qualified in non-destructive testing (“Cofrend” Certifications)

Moreover, in order to sustain its international development, MGO has recently deployed a dedicated service for international trading with its customers.


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