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Norme ISO 9001 Norme Cofrend

Quality control

The Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) of MGO, following the norm ISO 9001 – 2008 version, applies to the whole company.

The concept itself of Quality Management System is present in the employees mind from the founding of the company.

Our quality system has largely lean on existing documents as well as a well accomplished work, omnipresent in the company.

Quality of end product is depending on many factors such as the quality of the material bought, suppliers’ follow-up, making processes and working tool control, and also delivery conditions. That’s why each order is receiving particular attention.

In order to realize controls, numerous tools (refer to machinery) are at our 3 quality controller disposal.

We are carrying out very complicated files, notably in the welding area. Thus, we are making the quality documents and furnishing every dedicated report.

MGO is certified in the following branches:

  • ISO 9001 version 2008. 
  • ISO 3834-2 
  • EN 15085 (DIN 6700) 
  • International Welding Technologue (IWT) 
  • Non Destructive Testings: 
    • Cofrend 2 Ultrasonic 
    • Cofrend 2 Magnetic Particle Test 
    • Cofrend 2 Liquid Penetrant Test (Colored & Fluorescent) 
  • Alstom Power Hydro [Approved Supplier]
  • Deutsche Bahn AG [Approved Supplier]
Quality control
Quality control