MGO - Mécanique Générale Offemontoise

Norme ISO 9001 Norme Cofrend


The large amount of tools dedicated to welding, to go with the related certifications, allow to make  a wide variety of parts of any shape using common or exotic materials. Maximum weight of parts up to 5 tons.

To design parts, MGO is having most of the machines used to work on metals such as, Numerical Control (NC) saw, NC folding machine, NC roller, tube and section bender, etc.

About welding, GTAW and FCAW stations, also with an 8 axes welding robot (GTAW & FCAW), and a submerged arc welding automatic device, ensure in association with approved Specification and Qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials to carry out welding in accordance with EN & ASME norms.