MGO - Mécanique Générale Offemontoise

Norme ISO 9001 Norme Cofrend


MGO proposes various services, in certified quality control area.

Our employees is COFREND 2 qualified and has further certifications enabling to carry out services as consultants either internally or externally of the company, in the following areas:

  • Consulting in welding and welding coordination (IWT : EN ISO 14731)  
  • Carrying out Non Destructive Testing (Cofrend 2 qualified) in the following applications : 
    • Ultrasonics o Magnetic Particle Test 
    • Liquid Penetrant Test (Colored & Fluorescent) 
    • Ressuage (coloré & fluorescent) 
  • Carrying out Destructive Testing : 
    • Macrography 
  • Carrying out dimensional and three-dimensional controls 
  • Carrying out hydraulic pressure tests
Welding advices