MGO - Mécanique Générale Offemontoise

Norme ISO 9001 Norme Cofrend
MGO is making and designing high precision mechanical parts. Our products are fully built in our workshops, through machining, welding processes, mounting, till finishing off.

From prototypes to mass production, MGO is working for a large panel of multinational  companies, and is proposing its expertise in high precisions domains such as energy (Nuclear, Gas, Hydro) and transportation.

Our quality department, through its multiple certifications, is ensuring the quality of our production while developing new processes.

In addition, Research Department is a part of MGO know-how, for any specific requests.

In order to support its international expansion, MGO has deployed an import/export service, also ensuring trading development on a worldwide scale.


MGO is investing in its production tool

MGO is extending

  • New officies (75 m² and 4 new workspaces)
  • Site enlarging: 4000 m² to improve company’s logistic with new workshops.